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Barkworthies is proud to offer an all-natural healthy snack for your dogs with our new Barkworthies Trail Mix. Offered with Real Chicken or Real Beef varieties, these Trail Mix Treats are made in the USA and include high quality dried ingredients. Protein - focused, our trail mix is mostly meat, accompanied with dried sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and bananas. Made with:

  • Bananas: have been recommended by vets and the AKC for being good source of potassium and vitamin6
  • Apples: great source of fiber as well as Vitamin A and C
  • Sweet potatoes: are a great option for dog. Rich in fiber and great for digestio
  • USDA meats: for high quality protein to satisfy your dog’s cravings

Barkworthies Chicken Trail Mix (3oz)

  • Main Ingredients: Chicken Jerky (Chicken, Vegetable Glycerin, Vinegar Powder, Rosemary Extract), Dehydrated Bananas, Dehydrated Sweet Potato, Dehydrated Apples.

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