Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How long should I expect my pet's grooming visit to be?

A. Expect 3-4 hours. In order for your pet to have the most positive grooming experience we take our time bathing, drying, brushing and grooming each one.


Q. Can my dog be done straight through?

A. Yes, we can accommodate straight through appointments though they need to be scheduled carefully and would need to be scheduled personally by a groomer. Convenience fees may apply up to $40.


Q. What records are needed for my pet?

A. A current rabies vaccination is required for every pet. We highly recommend both the distemper/parvo and Bordetella vaccinations as well but are not required. If you do not have these records readily available we can call your Veterinarian to get expiration dates as well.


Q. What should I do to prepare my pet for their grooming visit?

A. Take your pet to go potty before arriving for their appointment. There is a grassy area here at the store available if you're in a hurry we just ask that you keep your pet leashed as Louise Ave is a very busy street. If you do not have a leash with you there are some available for use in our lobby, just ask and we'll get you one.


Q. Should I bring my pet in a carrier or on a leash?

A. Yes, please, for the safety of your pet we ask that you keep your pet leashed or contained within a pet carrier during your visit to Dirty Dog Spa.


Q. What is included in a bath/grooming?

A. A bath includes nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and bath.

    A full groom includes nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, bath, and haircut.


Q I don't want nails cut or ears cleaned. Does it cost less without those services?

A. Pricing is not itemized so there is no price break for refusing individual aspects of the grooming.


Q. Are your groomers certified/licensed?

A. There is currently no legal state certification or licensing for groomers in South Dakota. All of our groomers have attended a credible grooming school and/or completed a grooming apprenticeship, as well as continued education. They are all enthusiastic about their jobs, gentle and patient with their canine clients and strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality. 


Q. I just want a trim. Will the groomers shave my dog?

A. Not if the dog isn’t matted. The groomers always do their best to leave the coat as long as the owner wants it, but only a certain amount of de-matting can be done before it becomes too painful for the dog. The groomers will NOT put the look of the groom before the safety and comfort of the dog. If the coat is deemed too matted to be saved, the groomers with obtain permission from the owner before proceeding with a shave down either in person at drop-off or via phone call if the matting is discovered once grooming has commenced.



Q. What if I can't make it to a scheduled appointment?

A. Please call to cancel or reschedule. We do ask for 24 hours notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, but we understand that things come up and life happens. 

Not showing up for a scheduled appointment with no notice is considered a "no show," three "no shows" for scheduled appointments will result in no longer being able to book with Dirty Dog Spa.  

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