Dirty Dog Spa & Cascade is a true Spa experience
for your beloved fur family member.

Dirty Dog Spa has cleared our schedule for Cascade residents. While other new clients are added to our lengthy waitlist, Cascade residents will have the privilege of a designated groomer and designated grooming days each month exclusively for Cascade residence. 


Dirty Dog Spa & Cascade’s goal is to provide only the best possible care for your dog’s individual needs. We use state of the art equipment, styling products, tools and techniques to provide the true spa experience for your pet. The expert staff of Dirty Dog Spa will start by selecting the best products for your dog’s hair type and skin condition; then our all-inclusive grooming package, which includes a thorough coat cleaning and conditioner treatment. Our staff will begin the drying process, hand dry, de-shed or lightly de-matt and comb your pet. After a detailed dry and brush out, our experienced staff will give your pet the style that is most appropriate for your lifestyle and your pet’s grooming needs. All pets will receive nail filing, ear cleaning, and ear hair removal when necessary, breath freshening spray, after groom fashion accessory, and cologne.

• 1-on-1 Appointments

• Warm Shampoos and Conditioners 

• Hand Dried

• Specialized Styling

• Exclusive Bath Bombs

• Luxury Pet Beauty Care Products


Our grooming schedule with Cascade will be available to book online. Press the "book now" button below

Unable to Bring your pet to appointments?

We have 2 options for you!

As Cascade residents you already know our friends @ PetPals. PetPals offers in home pet sitting, dog walking, pet taxi and so much more. www.hirepetpals.com to book your pet a taxi to Dirty Dog Spa.

Pet Pals: 605-999-1355

Your Dog's Driver has opened her calendar and made room for 
Cascade residents to help make grooming your pet easy and stress-free. We have a simple solution! www.yourdogsdrive.com Driving your pets when you can't! This is a pet transport service that will transport your pet to grooming/vet/daycare appointments. Your Dog's Driver is a trusted friend of Dirty Dog Spa. Your Dog's Driver will be available the same days your grooming will be offered @ DDS

Your Dog's Driver: 605-261-7528


What to expect on your phone Consultation
• Meet your groomer 
• Visit about expectations of groom
• Talk about how to make future appointments 
• Visit about how to pay for grooming
• Visit on how grooming has been for your pet for past groomings
• Visit about coat condition for shampoo selection and style requested 
• Visit about how it would be handled if your pet can not be groomed that day
and what could happen to come to this decision. 

Click on the button below to start the process!

Please fill out the form below and bring it in with you at your first appointment. In order to secure an appointment, you will need to schedule one by clicking on the "Book Now" button, which is farther down the page.

Printable Form

All first time grooms will require a phone consultation after a grooming appointment has been requested. All groom prices will have a start base price. Each groom will and can vary determined by dog size, coat condition, and temperament of the dog. When you leave your pet in the care of our Dirty Dog Spa pet professional, have comfort in knowing that your pet will get all services that your pet needs at the time of the visit (de-shed, de-mat, extra bathing).

All new clients are welcome to meet your groomer in person at Dirty Dog Spa and tour the facility.

• Exclusive treatments only offered to Cascade pup clients.

• Bath bombs - adds emollients and softeners to cleanse and hydrate the skin; added Epsom salts
to help relax muscles and loosen sore joints. 

• Teeth brushing

• Nail filing - this is to get the nails as short at possible in a comfortable manner, nail is left smooth 

• 1-on-1 attention

De-matting fee - $50.00 for 30 minutes.

What is a de-mat fee? This covers the time a groomer will take to brush out your pet before we are able to groom him/her. Your groomer will only follow through with this if it is safe for your dog to be brushed out.

Handling fee - $50.00.

What is a handling fee? Your groomer will charge this when extra time is needed to continue the groom to make your pet comfortable with grooming.

Scissoring Charge - $55.00

What is a scissoring charge? When you choose a longer cut and it requires your groomer to not use clippers, but scissors to finish the groom on your pet, this covers the extra time it takes to get the cut just right.

* ALL prices subject to change.
Prices vary based on coat condition, temperament of dog, requested groom, and size of dog.


Yorkie: $75-85

Shih-tzu: $80-90

Cockapoo: $85-105

Mini Poodle: $85-100

Papillion/Long Haired Chihuahua: $80-90

Pomeranian: $80-100

German Shepard: $110-150

Labrador: $85-100

Pug: $65-75

Mini Doodle: $90-150

Large Doodle: $125-175

XL Doodle: $175-275

St. Poodle: $150-250

De-mat Fee: $50.00/30 minutes

* ALL prices subject to change.
Prices vary based on coat condition, temperament of dog, requested groom, and size of dog.


Meet Toni…


I am the owner and one of the groomers at Dirty Dog Spa. I have been grooming since 2006 and previously owned a pet grooming salon in Watertown, SD also called Dirty Dog Spa. I love grooming all breeds, I especially love the challenge of a dog that is new to grooming, I believe dogs love and appreciate our kindness. I love my job and end everyday feeling accomplished. When I am not grooming I love to spend time with my family, my husband and I have one son. I have two Shih Tzu's named Hattie and Dorothy and a Persian cat named Bob.